Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 17

In today’s episode… We answer your listener feedback, talk about “Gai Paris!”, try to spell a three letter word, talk about the weather, and Jacques pronounces famous names – or at least how they sound in French. Meekahl Dooglah, for example. It starts off dull, but gets progressively better.

So, press the big red button below and enjoy the ride! Oh, and leave a comment. Only an evil person would listen to the podcast and not leave a comment. Are you an evil person? Are you? Yes, you. Prove me wrong. Come on. Do it. DO IT!

Coffee with Gavin and Jacques 17

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2 thoughts on “Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 17”

  1. Michael Fuglsang says:

    Hello guys. I’m still with you, and I’m truly listening. Instead of watching the “Food porn” pictures, go to this website instead. It’s photos of very nicely build Cabins. By the way, are you not doing a weekly podcast anymore? Looking forward to the next one from you guys. Best Regards, Michael Fuglsang. 🙂

    1. Gav says:

      Thank you for sticking by our pointless podcasts, Michael! I’ve had a couple of Mondays off, and Jacques sometimes has interviews in the middle of when we should be podcasting, so we’re slack. Sorry. 🙁 The next one might not be for another week at this rate. I’ll email Jacques the cabinporn on his work email. That will freak him out. 😀

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