Unprepared: a new novel by Gavin Shoebridge

How long could you survive without your phone, electricity and car? What if it all just… stopped? This nightmare became an instant reality for Kelly and David, a typical couple in central Virginia.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) had rendered every piece of technology instantly useless, from wristwatches to refrigerators. Their entire state – perhaps the entire country – was thrust into a modern stone age as everything with a microchip was rendered unusable. People were in a state of confusion, tapping at their blank cell phones and turning keys inside their unresponsive cars, but nothing worked. This initial confusion would soon descend into panic. It was only a matter of time.

The result is a story of modern survival; following two ordinary people as they learn to source water & food, protect themselves from looters, communicate silently, and form a neighborhood alliance to stay alive in this cutthroat new world. The results are often frightening, sometimes tedious and yet, somehow, the two keep their senses of humor. And just when you think they’ve mastered this new, unwelcoming world, everything changes.

After having this story in my mind for a decade, I finally sat down in front of the computer in 2019 and completed this 71,700-word apocalyptic adventure story. My goal was to create a book that stood out from the competition, giving the characters relatable personalities and putting them in very believable situations.

The book was written to be easy-to-digest, including moments of tension and fear, but also success, development and, at times, finding the humor in difficult situations – something missing from other apocalyptic doomsday novels.

As of January 2020, an ebook version has begun selling via Amazon, priced low at $2.99 to encourage people to enjoy it. To purchase a copy, click here or on the image above. A paperback copy will be available very soon.

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  1. Mats Johansson says:

    Exciting! I love science fiction. This is a novel I would buy if I wanted something to read. Looking forward to the publication. Have you designed the cover art yourself? Very nice.

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