Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – the final episode!

That’s a wrap! This is the final episode of Coffee with Gavin & Jacques! It’s full of laughter, tears, nipple piercings and more! And, to celebrate, we recorded it on video!

So, to all those who wrote in, thank you. To those who listened but never wrote in, and I can see that’s around 99% of you, well, you suck. But we still love you anyway. 🙂

In this final episode, we exchange gifts, get a surprise, talk about misophonia (the phobia of the sound of people chewing), I explain why my house is not suitable for toddlers, and much more. It’s a great episode, and as pointless as ever. We hope you enjoy it, and thank you for sticking with us.

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1 thought on “Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – the final episode!”

  1. Michael Fuglsang says:

    Hey Gavin. What a shame that the package didn’t arrive on time. But I hope that Jacques will give it to you, your part of it, when you get back from holiday. It has been 22 great episodes, and I really mean it. It’s nice to listen to folks that has the same sense of humor like myself. But now that you stop making more podcasts, I hope you will make more Kiwi EV videos, if your next car will be a EV. Thanks again for everything. Yours truly, Michael Fuglsang.

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