Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 14

According to Ivan, the owner of 11 Books & Coffee, we have become social influencers with our podcast. He didn’t elaborate whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, however…

You can decide for yourself, as today’s episode covers everything from why I hate monkeys to Jacques lying naked on the grass. We also discuss cemeteries, attempt to take photos, learn why white chocolate is better than dark chocolate, we discuss the French language, we record a horrific jingle and we read your listener feedback. It’s a jam-packed and absurd show which you’re certain to love. Or hate. Or somewhere in the middle.

As always, click on the play button to start a new adventure into weird new territory. Oh, and leave some feedback or a question for the next show. Please. We beg you.

Coffee with Gavin and Jacques 14

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1 thought on “Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 14”

  1. Ray says:

    Sadly, it hung at 05:06 at exactly the same time as the word Islam escaped your lips….

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