Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 21

From my sore neck to Jacques’ cryptic choice of words, we weren’t really at the top of our game today.

We’re sorry. Maybe we should stop doing these podcasts?

Click the big red Play button anyway. Just… be gentle. Not every episode can be worthy of an Oscar.

Coffee with Gavin and Jacques 21

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3 thoughts on “Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 21”

  1. Michael Fuglsang says:

    Hello! I’m going to listen to the podcast tonight. Please don’t stop doing this. I’m sorry that I don’t write “I’M HERE :D” each week. But I am listening, and I think your podcasts are very funny. I can truly understand, that you don’t have time to do this, every Monday. But when it comes, I’m happy. 😀 Gav, You said that you’re going to New Zealand for Christmas soon. Will there be one more podcast on Monday before you leave? Yours truly, Michael 🙂

    1. Gav says:

      Well, hey there Michael! We’re going to squeeze in one more podcast next week, probably on Wednesday because Jacques will be busy on Monday. I’m thrilled that someone is listening to these pointless things! Thank you!!

      1. Michael Fuglsang says:

        Just finished listening to the podcast. And YES! Please make a video edition. 😀 That could be awesome.

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