How to remove limescale from a showerhead

I had some maintenance done in my main bathroom a few months ago and during that time I was using the guest bathroom. No problem, right?
Well, when I was able to start using the main shower again I found a problem…

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As you can see in the above photo, all the lime scale that was already in the shower head seemed to have hardened and clogged the holes in the showerhead.

Here’s a close-up view of the nozzles, blocked by hard limescale:


Don’t panic if this happens to you because the solution is cheap and simple: vinegar!


I went to the supermarket, bought a few bottles of vinegar, then submerged the showerhead in vinegar and left it overnight.
If you can’t remove your showerhead for whatever reason, don’t worry. Just tie a plastic bag full of vinegar up and around your showerhead for a few hours.

The result:


The next day (wearing gloves because vinegar stinks!) the hard limescale had turned to a sludgy deposit and most of it fell out, leaving most nozzles clear and free from obstruction.

As for the remaining clogged nozzles, I simply reinstalled the showerhead and the pressure blew out whatever soft sludgy deposits remained.

Good as new:


It’s a cheap and eco-friendly method to clear limescale from a blocked showerhead and I hope you find it useful.
Also, feel free to use and share any images from this website. Attribution would be great, not it’s not essential. 🙂

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