Speak Slovak free language course


I put together this Speak Slovak free language course to help people learn the basics of the Slovak language.

It covers the essentials of the language in an easy to understand way, along with more than five hundred common words and phrases spoken by a native Slovak speaker, first spoken slowly, then at a more normal pace.

I initially offered this Speak Slovak language starter kit for $19 and the response was positive, but I soon realised I could help Slovak learners like yourself much more by making the whole thing completely free.

As well as a beginner’s grammar guide, it includes carefully pronounced common words and phrases to help you get around Slovakia. Additionally, each of these words and phrases are included as MP3 sound files which you simply download to your phone to play back at your leisure. The audio files are in both English and Slovak, to make finding them a breeze. You can also delete the ones you don’t think you’ll need, and focus on, for example, greetings or perhaps asking for wifi in a Slovak hotel.

To download the Speak Slovak free language course, click here.

My only request is that if you find it useful or enjoyable, let me know in the comment box below. That’s all the thanks I need. 🙂

I wish you a great day, or as they say in Slovak, Prajem vám pekný deň! (pronounced pry-em vaam peck-nee dyen)

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2 thoughts on “Speak Slovak free language course”

  1. ursula salger says:

    Hi Gavin,
    thank you very much for your slovak language course, it`s very helpful and I really need any help I can get to study this difficult language.
    I also follow you on twitter and like your way of informing and entertaining.
    Greetings, Ursula from Bavaria in Germany

    1. Gav says:

      Hi Ursula, you’re very welcome. I’m very sorry to hear you follow me on Twitter because all I do there is post nonsense. 😀

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