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Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 5

Podcast photo in park

We were forced into the great outdoors for today’s rambling podcast; having a picnic in a city park with sandwiches and a[…]


How to remove moles from your yard

how to remove moles

Moles appeared soon after I installed a new lawn last year, leaving mole hills and destruction in their path. I declared war[…]


EVsecrets electric car conversion guide

electric car conversion

Following the successful conversion of my Mitsubishi Tredia to 100% electric, I made a series of instructional ebooks and videos on how[…]


Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 4

coffee with gavin and jacques

What a load of nonsense. We devote far too much time in today’s incredibly pointless podcast to vegan food and Jacques might[…]


Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 3

Coffee with Gavin and Jacques

We’re starting to get good at nonsense. This is inane podcast number 3 which took place at in the Old Town with[…]


Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 2

Our conversations are unplanned, as you can tell by their un-professionalism

Well, we recorded another of our inane chats during our Monday afternoon coffee. In this recording of utter nonsense, Jacques and I[…]


Coffee with Gavin and Jacques – episode 1

Coffee with Gavin and Jacques

It’s all Ivan’s fault. He runs Eleven Books & Coffee in and he suggested we should actually record the daft conversations that[…]


Building a virtual reality gaming PC

How to build a cheap virtual reality gaming pcHow to build a cheap virtual reality gaming pc

A friend of mine brought his Gear VR virtual reality headset over a few months ago and I was hooked. Although it was[…]


How to remove limescale from a showerhead

Shower lime scale how to remove

I had some maintenance done in my main bathroom a few months ago and during that time I was using the guest[…]


Speak Slovak free language course

Speak Slovak language course

I put together this Speak Slovak free language course to help people learn the basics of the Slovak language. It covers the[…]


100% electric car stickers

Electric car sticker

A lot of people don’t realise my car is actually 100% electric powered, so I figured I needed to change that! I[…]


How climate change will affect your life.

Climate change is here, it’s getting worse, and human activity is to blame. This is the consensus of the majority of the[…]


My electric car adventures

Kiwi EV electric car

While this blog isn’t always updated as often as I’d like, it doesn’t mean I’ve not been doing stuff with the electric car.[…]


Inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone and ghost town of Pripyat

Geiger counter

I took a visit inside the Chernobyl 30 kilometre exclusion zone in the winter, then moved on to the ghost town of[…]